Version 1.2

"Physics.autoSimulation is obsolete" fix for Unity 2022.2 and later

Version 1.1

Kinematic Character Controller Integration

KCC v 3.4.1, Unity 2018.4.28fq.

Version 1.0


BehaviourBipedStagger can now re-balance the puppet. Enable “Can Regain Balance” and set “On Regain Balance” event’s “Switch To Behaviour” to “BehaviourPuppet”.


Fixed prop inertia tensor increasing with every pick-up.


Fixed mapping fail when Muscles and their targets have different scale.


Fixed PuppetMaster failing to initiate if NavMeshAgent on the character snaps it to the nav mesh.


Assembly Definition files for RootMotion.


Kinematic-Kinematic contact pairs activate the puppet now when BehaviourPuppet’s Normal Mode is set to Kinematic and “Contact Pairs Mode” set to at least “Enable Kinematic Kinematic Pairs” in the Physics Settings.

Opsive's Universal Character Controller Integration

New interactive guide and simplified process for the integration.